Fleming Brothers Oil


Jess, Delphin and Clinton Fleming founded Fleming Brothers Oil company in 1934 during the height of the Great Depression.   the three brothers paid $85 for a tank truck and began delivering oilt o neighbors as well as hand delivering gas and kerosene in buckets.  Thomas Fleming, Jess's son, grew up in the family business and officially joined Fleming Brothers Oil Company in 1967.  In 1983 Fleming Brothers began the transformation of the companies service dealer network into compoany operated C-stores.  Today Fleming Brothers Oil Company owns and operates nineteen Value Market Convenience Stores and supplies five dealer locations.  Fleming Brothers Oil Company remains committed to the Tank Wagon business delivering fuel and lubricants to homes, farms and commercial accounts.

Corporate Office:

Thomas Fleming                                                                             Director/President

Andrew Fleming                                                                                  Director/Vice President                                                              

Monica Fleming                                                                                             CFO

Cymbre Peterson                                                                                        Office Manager/Benefits                                                          

Patrick Jensen                                                                                               Director of Retail Operations                                                       

Kyla Bare                                                                                                        Value Market Rewards Administrator                                                   

Bobbie Bush               Controller                                                                                    

Jim Keeny                   Accounts Payable                                                                            

Laura Barden                                                                                             Home Heating Coordinator                                                            

Terry Bodfish                                                                                       Administrative Assistant                                                                            

JoAnne Kaczmarek                  Accounting                                                                          

Fran Dailey                                                                                    Receptionist/Accounts Receivable                                                     

Ron Jorgensen  Maintenance/Distribution                                                             

Jim Avery                                                                                            Wholesale Sales                                                                              

Ross Wightman                                                                                         Wholesale Sales