Fleming Brothers Oil


Commercial Fuels

Premium Clear Diesel                                                                                       
Premium Dyed Diesel                                                                                           Regular No-Lead Gas                                                                                           Super No-Lead Gas

Specialty Lubricants - Call for more information


Tank Placement and Setup

Home Heating

#1 Home Heating Fuel Oil                                                                                     #2 Home Heating Fuel Oil                                                                                     K-1 Clear Kerosene


Shell Branded Lubricants

Aviation Motor Oils:                                                                                               Aeroshell 100                                                                                                       Aeroshell W100                                                                                                    Aeroshell W80                                                                                                     Aeroshell W15W50

Motor Oils:                                                                                                           Formula Shell 5W20                                                                                              Formula Shell 5W30                                                                                              Formula Shell 10W30                                                                                            Formula Shell 10W40                                                                                            Formula Shell 20W50                                                                                            Formula Shell Straight 30W                                                                                    Nautilus 2 Cycle Oil                                                                                              Rotella T 10W                                                                                                      Rotella T 20W20                                                                                                  Rotella T 30W                                                                                                      Rotella T 40W                                                                                                      Rotella T 50W                                                                                                      Rotella T 10W30                                                                                                  Rotella T 15W40

Synthetic Motor Oils:                                                                                              Formula Shell 5W20 SYN                                                                                       Formula Shell 5W30 SYN                                                                                       Formula Shell 10W30 SYN                                                                                      Rotella T Synthetic 5W40                                      

Industrial Oils:                                                                                                      Diala AX

Hydraulic Oils:                                                                                                      Tellus 22                                                                                                             Tellus 32                                                                                                             Tellus 32 (Electrical Service Equipment)                                                                   Tellus 46                                                                                                             Tellus 68                                                                                                          

Transmission Fuel:                                                                                                 Formula Shell ATF                                                                                                 Donax TA                                                                                                            Donax TC 30                                                                                                        Donax TC 50                                                                                                        Donax TD Universal Tractor Fluid

Greases:                                                                                                              Alvania EP2                                                                                                         Alvania EP0                                                                                                         Alvania EP00                                                                                                        Darina SD1                                                                                                          Dentex S50 - Now Spirax GSX 50                                                                            Shell FM Grease 2                                                                                                 Omala 68                                                                                                            Omla 150                                                                                                            Omala 220                                                                                                          Retinax TL 00 Grease                                                                                            Spirax S 75W90                                                                                                    Spirax S 80W140                                                                                                  Spirax 80W90                                                                                                      Spirax 85W140


Marathon Branded Lubricants

Motor Oils:                                                                                                           All Seasons 5W30                                                                                                 All Seasons 10W30                                                                                               All Seasons 10W40                                                                                               All Seasons 20W50                                                                                               VEP 30W Heavy Duty Motor Oil                                                                               Multipower 3 Straight 30W                                                                                     Marine Terrain 2 Cycle

Hydraulic Oils:                                                                                                      Marafluid Super HT 577                                                                                         MP Hydraulic ISO 32                                                                                              MP Hydraulic ISO 46                                                                                              MP Hydraulic ISO 68                      

Transmission Oil:                                                                                                  Dexron III Mercon ATF

Greases:                                                                                                              Multipurpose Gear Compound 80W90                                                                       Multipurpose Gear Compound 85W140                                                                     Meratrac Grease 2                                                                                                Meratrac LT Grease 1                                                                                            Super Maraplex EP2

Antifreezes, Diesel Additives and Mineral Spirits

Antifreezes:                                                                                                          Shellzone                                                                                                            Shellzone 50/50                                                                                                   Shellzone MV 50/50 (Good for all makes and models)                                                Marine/RV Antifreeze - PG                                                                                      Marine/RV Antifreeze - 100

Washer Solvents:                                                                                                  Washer Solvent (-20)                                                                                            Washer Solvent (-30)

Diesel Additives:                                                                                                   Rotella DFA    

Mineral Spirits:                                                                                                      Mineral Solvent