Fleming Brothers Oil


Rewards Program

Value Market Rewards:

The Value Market Rewards program was introduced in all 19 C-store locations in 2006.  The Value Market Rewards Program focuses on rewarding our customers for purchases made in each location.  Cents Back rewards are given on gasoline purchases when a 500 or 1500 point level is reached.  There are sweepstakes giveaways, sporting events, golf/ski packages, movie packages, airfare and the list continues to grow. 

Random rewards and monthly rewards are given out for reaching the 500 or 1500 point level.  Each month Value Market Rewards customers can also earn bounus points on certain items throughout the store.  VAlue Market Rewards helps customers save money on all purchases made at any of the Value Market Convenience Store locations.  Sign up at any Value Market convenience Store, it only takes a minute, and start earning fuel rewards faster!